Lunch & Learn: All About Patents at Invent Coworking, March 20

Date: March 20, 2018

Time: 12:00 Noon

Speaker Dwayne Rogge is a patent agent here in Bellingam, WA.

Rogge earned a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (Physics and Math) from the University of Idaho where he also studied Physics, engineering and computer science. He was a research assistant at the University of Idaho in the Chemistry Department for three years working on cryogenic laser spectroscopy. His background with the Navy working on electronics, and hydraulic systems is also beneficial to his understanding of technology.

Prior to coming to Schacht Law, Dwayne was a technical consultant for SEED IP in Seattle for several years.

In addition to his understanding of physics, chemistry, and computer science, Dwayne has an aptitude for mechanical engineering and education. As a patent agent, Dwayne is able to focus all of his time on patents, and keeping up to date with laws and court decisions, as well as the best methods for achieving patent protection for our clients; especially in the area of design patents. He has been practicing patents since 2006.

Inventors and innovators, this is not a talk you want to miss! Come join us and learn how to boost your online success!

Invent Coworking would like to invite you to have lunch and enjoy an educational talk with other professionals and entrepreneurs. Our selected speakers are designed to provide useful knowledge for growing businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Lunch will be provided during the hour-long talk followed by a short Q+A. You will also have the opportunity to make professional connections and network with other Bellingham professionals in our vibrant coworking community.

Lunch is provided.

*Invent Coworking Members, please RSVP to the Community Manager, a ticket is not necessary

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