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Some of the country’s leading aviation museums are at Paine Field near Mukilteo.

Take the Boeing Tour! Just outside of Mukilteo is the Boeing Everett Widebody plant. Check out the largest building in the world (in square footage) and watch the final assembly of Boeing 747, 787, and 777 twin-aisle aircraft. This is a once in a lifetime experience that every aviation buff will enjoy.

DISCOVER MUKILTEO A great place to Stay, Play, and Dine all year round

Visit Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour for reservations.

Historic Flight Foundation introduces history in motion. Get up close and personal with their collection of fully restored aircraft produced between 1927 and 1957. Not only are these aircraft beautiful to behold but they are all fully flight worthy. Set your trip up to come on one of their “Fly Days” and you can see the collection take to the skies. You can even go for a ride in a vintage aircraft if you purchase a membership. Their collection includes a P51B Mustang, a Supermarine Spitfire, a B25D Mitchell bomber named Grumpy, an American Airlines DC3 and more.

The Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum houses a collection of restored aircraft as well as vintage tanks and armor. Check the schedule to see when the planes will fly or experience tank demonstrations as well as other events where they roll out the tanks and fire their cannons. The museum is also home to an interactive multimedia exhibit Why War: The Causes of Conflict where visitors can not only learn about past wars, they get to take on the role of a world leader. With four interactive screens, visitors are placed in world-changing situations and asked to make critical choices. Seeing full-scale, detailed replicas of Fat Man and Little Boy, the two bombs dropped on Japan to end World War II make visitors think about past and future conflicts and their consequences.

Museum of Flight Restoration Center and Reserve Collection allows visitors to watch as aircraft are being restored. This collection changes over time as restorations are completed and the planes move out to be displayed at the museum of flight near Boeing Field in Seattle. This is a working museum and seeing the aircraft close up and in various stages of completion is one of the most interesting ways to learn about both history and restoration.

There is too much to see in one day. Stay the weekend and explore the museums and the area.

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About Mukilteo

Mukilteo, Washington a waterfront community situated on Puget Sound, features views of the Olympic Mountains to the West, Mt. Baker to the North and the Northern Cascade Mountains to the East. The forested hillsides and beachside beauty will awe visitors, and Mukilteo has even more to offer.

Home to the historic 1906 Mukilteo Light Station, Mukilteo has quaint shopping areas, restaurants, museums, parks, hiking trails, sports/recreation facilities, hotels, and bed and breakfasts as well as open spaces for outdoor fun. 

Lighthouse Park is over 14 Acres and features year-round beach access. A paved walking path that weaves by fire pits along the water, playground equipment, picnic shelters, and BBQs. There is a boat launch ramp, a large parking area and easy access to nearby restaurants and the Mukilteo-Clinton Ferry to Whidbey Island.

The Mukilteo Lighthouse sits prominently along the park’s shoreline, and the grounds are open to all. A gift shop and Lighthouse Tours are open April through September on weekends and Wednesday nights around the farmers market.

Both Japanese Gulch and Big Gulch provide hiking trails through urban forest land. Mountain bikes are welcome in Japanese Gulch with bike trails from basic to challenging. Pets on a leash are allowed on the trails so bring the whole family. An off-leash dog park at the base of Japanese Gulch lets pets run free or test their skills on the dog agility course.

Mukilteo also has an 18-hole golf course with views of Puget Sound, a Badminton Club, an indoor go-cart racetrack, a miniature golf course, an outdoor ropes/agility course with zip lines and more.

In addition, Mukilteo’s Rosehill Community Center is a top wedding venue and can also hold conferences or other events.

Learn More About Mukilteo Island Click Here.



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Airborne Wireless Network Stops the “Space Junk”

People want facts. In 2018, whether you are talking about business and industry or population figures and locations, data is what the world seeks. Companies that are synonymous with originality, skill, and cleverness understand these facts, and they know how to “fix” things that are most assuredly broke. Airborne

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